Homeworld: Mindirra
Average Height:  5'5"
Life Expectancy:  120 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Owl


Taioel'tase Species Sheet

Physical Appearance

The Taioel'tase resemble anthropomorphic owls with tall, slender bodies and manes of soft, hairlike feathers.  Females are smaller, have no visible breasts and wide hips.

Generations ago, they were rendered flightless, but still have feathers protruding from their arms.  A remainder of the wings that they once had.  Another feature left over from their ancestors is a long, flexible tail that their ancestors used to use to keep their balance while climbing trees.

The colors of a Taioel'taise can range from various shades of browns and greys. They can have the colors and markings of any type of owl and often have patterns on the face and bar markings on the wings. Their throats and stomachs are usually white or tan that continues to the undersides of the tail. Their wings are almost always lighter than the rest of their bodies.

Their beaks can be horn colored, brown or black. The skin underneath the feathers can either be tan, grey or black.  The hands and feet has to be the same color as their skin while their claws are always black.

Their manes are the same color as their feathers at the roots but fade to white, orange, black, light brown or gold at the tips.

Their eye color can be pure black, yellow, orange or brown. 

Taioel'tase and the Alliance

The Taioel’taise joined the alliance about 6,000 years ago.  The early Taioel’taise were slow to discover new technologies and only had an interest in creating space travel so that they could visit some of the planets in their solar system and in neighboring star systems in order to mine some of the rare minerals and ores on those worlds.

The miners were discovered by Alliance scouts.  The Taioel’taise welcomed the members of the Alliance with open arms.  The immediately began to set up diplomatic relationships and trade routes with the other species.  Since those days, they have prided themselves on having good relations with all members of the Alliance.

The beauty of planet Mindirra makes it a popular tourist destination. It has vast forests, never ending fields of green, majestic mountains, huge waterfalls and cascading rivers that makes is a cherished world for foreigners.  However, they also love to visit the cosmopolitan cities for their high culture, fashion and shopping.  The main exports that the Taioel’taise include ores, minerals, craft works, textiles, livestock, agriculture and rare herbs.

The Taioel’taise are a matriarchal society that is run by a queen.  However, their government is run more like a democracy and queens are elected.


The Taioel’taise are very soft spoken, gracious and gentle towards all living creatures. They are a matriarchal society so the females tend to be more outspoken and cunning than the males.  Male Taioel’taise tend to be very chivalrous.  Both genders live by a strict code of honor, priding themselves on being social and very well mannered.

They are extremely loyal to their families. They mate for life and most remain loyal to their lifemate even after death.  It is very rare when a Taioel'taise will look for another lifemate after their previous one had died.

They are the same when it comes to friends.  A Taioel’taise is a true and loyal friend for life and would sacrifice almost anything for a friend.

While most of them are good mannered, some members of the species are aloof, self-indulgent and irritable. Some of these individuals will even go as far as to consider members of all other species to be “barbarians”.

The Taioel’taise love foreigners and are known to welcome them with good food and warm beverages.  They always act polite and diplomatic towards members of the other species because they feel that foreigners and tourism nourishes the well being of their homeworld and the good of their species..  Mindirra has gentle laws and law enforcement.

Sex and Reproduction

While most Taoel'tase prefer a single mate for life, it isn't unusual for a female to have a small harem of different men.  This surrounds the ideals of the matriarchal species.

Females do lay eggs.  After a gestation period or about three months, the female will lay a single egg.  Taioel'tase are white with light brown speckles.  Twins are extremely rare among this species and triplets are pretty much unheard of.

Both parents will care for the egg for six months until it hatches.  Their children are born featherless and their eyes closed.  They will grow feathers over the next few months.  A taioel'tase child can walk and talk within a year.


The Taioel’taise are omnivores and can eat almost any food.

They love sweet foods, such as fruits.  However, they are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy products without medication to aid digestion.

Language and Names

The native Taioel’taise language is difficult for most foreigners to vocalize because it incorporates a lot of soft purring sounds and growls into the syllables.  Because of this, most Taioel’taise that live in cities or on other worlds know how to speak and
understand Galactic Common as well.

Taioel’taise babies are given their names when they are nine days old in an elaborate ceremony.

Their names are usually words and phrases in their own
language, but an individual Taioel’taise usually has several
variations on his or her name to make it easier for foreigners
to pronounce.

Examples of Traditional names:
Shrea’tahaehr, Neah-rmem, Fhreaslaen

Examples of Shortened Names:
Aemaenu, Faasa, Seyaf

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