Height: 12'
Average Lifespan: 180 years
Earth Species Evolved From: Chuckwalla


Talokun Species Sheet.

The talokun, or Syvorian dune dragon, are huge desert reptiles from the desert planet, Syvor. Syvorians are the alpha predator of their world and have no natural predators other than the sentients that hunt them for sport, food or a rite of passage.

Physical Description

The talokun resebles a 12 foot tall wingless dragon with a crested head and long teeth on the outside of their mouths. The body of a talokun us usually sand or rust colored depending on the region that they are from. Their backs and crests contain swirled stripe markings. These markings are like fingerprints - no two talokun have the same. The undersides of their body are a pale sand or white color.

They have muscular front legs for burrowing in the sand, whiplike tails with a bone blade on the end and long necks with 20 vertabrae in them, making their necks very flexible.

Strengths and Instincts

  • They can bury themselves in sand so that only the tops of their heads are showing. They ambush their prey this way.
  • They are surprisingly fast for their size and can outrun most land speeders over short distances.
  • They are solitary. When another talokun approaches their territory, they will bob their heads and gape open their mouths in an attempt to look more threatening.
  • While their chuckwalla ancestors would prefer to run from danger, a talokun would rather stay and fight unless the threat is much bigger then they are.
  • They have scent glands located on their knees. This is thought to help mark their territory.
  • Mating occurs in the spring months. A female will lay 2-5 eggs and bury them in the sand. Once hatched, the babies have to fend for themselves. Since young talokun do have many predators, the chances of even one of these reaching adulthood are slim.
  • Baby talokun have stockier bodies with shorter neck and spikes then an adult.


The prefered diet of the talokun is the tapok, an anteater like herd animal from the open dunes. However, they will eat almost any animal dog sized or larger. They tend to ignore small animals, rodents and birds. They will not actively hunt sentients, but won't hesitate to make a tasty snack out of any of them stupid enough to come too close. For moisture, they will dig for and eat desert tubers.

Talokun and the Syvorians

For the most part, these two species will ignore each other, but whenever one steps on the other's territory, there is usually fighting. In the past, killing a Talokun was seen as a rite of passage for Syvorian males who wished to become warriors. This tradition isn't as popular as it once was but it is still practiced in some clans. The talokun is depicted in a lot of Syvorian art... they even see the lifestream as a talokun called "The great Talokun".

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