Full Name:  Tara Nord
Height:  5'4"
Species:  Ultimarian
Age:  27
Occupation:  Beastmaster


Tara's Character Sheet


Tara is highly observant and seems to
know everything that is happening
around her.  She is ambitious and always
seems to be willing to take risks.  She is
generally friendly but can be cynical
sarcastic, impulsive and dramatic
if she is in a bad mood.


Tara is a second generation beastmaster in the Blackmane Order. Both of her parents also
serve under the Blackmane’s banner. However, her parents have been part of actions that have
beem deemed noble and good, while other times they have done things that have seemed
selfish.  Because of this, the Order never never knows how they will act and are very suspicious
of them and their actions.

She generally tries to remain a good person, but her unbridled nature coupled with the Order’s
wariness of her family means that her own actions can easily cause conflict with others until
she has a chance to explain herself.  Those who know her very well knows that her heart is in
the right place and that she would never do anything to intentionally cause  misfortune to
other living creatures.

Like all beastmasters of the Order, she has a deep kinship with animals.  

Relationships With Other Characters

  •  She grew up with Liah in the Blackmane order and has always seen her as a big sister.
       Even today, these two are very good friends.  Tara remains to be Liah’s primary contact
      in the order.
  • She also grew up with the Spaceborn runt, Damiat.
  • For years Tara, Liah and Damiat were nearly inseperable and were always seen together.
  • She knows of the Imperials Suns since she has heard Liah talk about them and has seen
       her interact with them.  However, she doesn’t really know any of them on a more
       personal level.
  • The only possible exception to this would be Shae because she has seen Liah interact with
       him way more than any of the others.
  • Her romantic interest is a fellow beastmaster named Aden.  The two are good friends, but
       not yet dating.