Sector: Farway Kahan
Star System: Korbyn
Atmosphere: Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients: Jincilla


A map of planet Telor.

The third planet from the Sun in the Korbyn System. This planet is mostly uncharted aside for Gana, its largest continent which is home to the Jincilla Empire.

Jincilla Cities

Many cities in Gana are built in mountainsides, since they like to be in high places, though cities can be built on almost any terrain. The mountainside cities are considered to be the 'higher class' cities and are built in such a way that they require the ability of flight to reach, which is one of the many reasons why flight is so important to this species. The architecture of the mountainside cities feature Greco-Roman style buildings carved right into the mountainside. These larger mountain cities usually feature a palace for the Governor of the Polis, bath houses, a gladiatorial arena and several temples. The Jincilla capitol city of Alere has a massive Pantheon building devoted to the entire series of Gods.

Alere is not only the capitol, but also the largest city. It would sort of be their version of Rome. It is famous for the massive palace that houses Rieluos Caesar, the leader of the species. Some of the large cities, such as Ageran and Kalris try to break away from the Caesar's rule so there is civil war among the species.

The smaller cities on the ground and by rivers are usually smaller, poorer cities. Most often communities of farmers or artisans. The people who live there are less educated then those who live in wealthy cities and don't have the means to challenge the leaders. Smaller cities still have bath houses and temples to the different deities.

Gana itself is separated into different city-states called 'polis', each one ruled by a governor.