Azure Wheel Wiki
Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 8'
Life Expectancy: 250 Years
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: "Dragons" that were originally created by the human settlers with bat, feline and reptile DNA.

Terra Dragons are the largest and strongest of the Theran races. Like their spirit dragon bretheren, Terras are mammalian dragons. While other species in the Azure Wheel Universe may be referred to as "dragons", the only true dragon species are the Theran dragons.

Physical Description

Terras have powerful, catlike bodies covered with a thick skin that resembles a polished leather. They have human-like hands, arms and shoulders while a pair of huge batlike wings sprout from the shoulders. A single fin runs from the top of their head to between the shoulders. The tail of a terra dragon is long with either a spaded or plain tip.

Their heads are long, but a bit "boxier" then those of spirits. Terras have a large horn above each eye as well as two to five smaller horns on each side of the jawline. Males may have spikes on their chins.

Terras are also known to have several "mutations" among individuals. Such mutations can include...

  • Fins rather then spikes along the jawline.
  • Fins along the rump or along the tailtip.
  • Multiple sets of horns.
  • Flared nostrils.
  • Spikes along the neck-spine rather then a fin. (RARE!)
  • Hooked tail tip.


Terra dragons have brightly colored skin with a slight glossy sheen. The underside of their skin is a lighter hue.

If the individual dragon has chestplates, it can be any color but a lighter or darker variation of their main body color is the most common.

Terra dragons can have striped, spotted or mottled markings that are a darker variation of their main body color or a color that compliments well with the main body color.

The color of the fins

The colorization of an individual dragon depends solely on genetics. A terra dragon MUST have similar coloring to either a parent or grandparent.

Common Colors

  • Green
  • Red
  • Brown

Uncommon Colors

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • White

Rare Colors

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Intelligence and Mental Health

While they are by no means stupid, they are seen as being the least intelligent of the Theran species. They do not have the natural affinity towards magik that Spirit Dragons have and are best suited to being warriors or paladins.

They can learn magik, they just aren't as well versed in it as the other Theran species.

Sex and Reproduction

Terra dragons choose lifemates and will be fiercely loyal to their lifemate and will only choose another if their lifemate dies.

Terra dragons may reproduce during any time of the year, but they tend to have children during the winter or spring months. They give birth to live young like mammals but do not nurse. They will feed their newborns soft fruits that have been mashed up like baby food.

Terras mature slower then their sprit dragon brothers and sisters. They speak and walk within a year and a half but cannot fly until they are about 18 years old.

The genitals on both genders of quadrapedal terra dragons are internal.


Terras are omniverous. They can eat fruits and veggies but need a hearty diet of meat in order to survive. Terras cannot physically become vegitarian.

Bipedal Terra Dragons

Qualities of bipedal Spirit Dragons include:

  • Batlike wings on their back.
  • Three toed feet like other Therans.
  • They may have hair instead of fins, but this is a sign of Spirit Dragon ancestry.
  • Human-like genetalia.
  • Same head style as quads.
  • Can have the same mutations as quads except they cannot have fins on the rump.
  • Five-fingered hands.
  • Long tails.
  • Since they are mamallian, bipedal terran females do have breasts. Both genders have nipples. Deal with it.

Terra Dragon Names

Terra dragon names are shorter and slightly harsher sounding then those of spirit dragon and are usually clipped phrases and words from archaeic Theran.


  • Ashaous
  • Sedios
  • Irotia