The GAOUP Logo

The Galactic Alliance (Or GAOUP - Galactic Alliance of United Planets) is a collection of 60 or so races that have joined together for the common goal of unity among the races. These races are on good terms with each other and there is no need for fighting among them. For the most part, all races in the galaxy are at peace with each other and militaries exist only to help their allies deal with criminals and pirates.

The Galactic Alliance is about 8,000 years old and was founded by the Spaceborn. They selected the four most evolved races and created the Alliance. The five original races of the Alliance were the Spaceborn, the Ultimarians, the Ani-Gathier, the Denaq, and the Zhaocian.

A council featuring representatives from each race will meet several times a year to discuss the going ons in the galaxy and to help regulate trade amongst the races.

Joining the Alliance

The Denaq, a race of record keepers and philosophers keep constant tabs on the evolving sentients in the galaxy. At a certain stage of a species evolution, they will either kill themselves with war or will mellow out and focus on advancing their technology. The Denaq and the other races have a policy against interfering with unevolved sentients and will always let a species' evolution run its natural course.

When a species survives and gains a certain level of intelligence and the ability to create a primitive space travel method, they are approached by Denaq and Spaceborn diplomats who ask them to join the alliance. If they accept, then the Spaceborn will share their technology with them and will fully welcome them to the alliance. If the invitation is refused, then the Spaceborn will leave them alone and let them evolve on their own.

If a species does not join the alliance, then they usually will not gain the technological advancements to venture far beyond their planet. However, if this DOES manage to happen, then the species will usually remain on good terms with the alliance and are free to join the alliance at any time.

One of the recent arguments of the members of the alliance is what to do the Brioe species who are close to creating their own form of hyperspace travel, but the alliance knows that this species roaming freely amongst the stars will mean nothing but bad news..