The Korbyn System

The Korbyn system is the star system that houses Telor. Since the sentients of this system are unevolved, many of the bodies in this system still have scientific names until the Jincilla have the technology to know that they exist and name them themselves. The planets in the system were given names by the Jincilla, because they can see them with the naked eye. Most of them are regarded as being big stars to the Jincilla.

Random facts about the Korbyn System:

  • Nyatia is mostly made of gold ore, which makes it a target for mineral poachers. There is a small amount of police activity in the area to help deter would-be thieves, but this does little to stop it.
  • The name "Korbyn" is the Jincilla word for the universe. Before the Jincilla came up with a name for it, the name of this system was "Kralor-5"
  • The name, "Telor" is the Jincilla word for the entire world as they know it.
  • Telor's night sky is actually a big boring. It is a lot like earth in the sense that if you look up in the night sky on a clear night with no noise pollution, you can see bands of the galaxy.