The Theran gods were created by the Lifestream shortly after Mathazar's mage wars in an attempt to bring order to the magiks surrounding Thera. Each of the nine gods started life as a mortal, but was specially selected by the Lifestream to become a god due to their will and purity of heart. After becomming a god, each one's appearance changed to reflect their personalities and the element that they are in charge of.

There are nine gods, one for each element. They are said to reside on the spirit plane with the Lifestream and rarely show themselves to Mortals.

Gale'ahn-Amon: God of Life

One of the three chief gods. Gale was one of the first Therans, descending directly from two elwar'thauren parents. He was born under two spiritual animals, eagle and lion, so he took on the features of both and was the first gryphonic creature in Theran history. He resembles a bipedal gryphon with shoulder length silver-white hair and rune-like markings along his arms.

Jaax'thauren: God of Death

One of the chief Theran gods and the brother of Gale. When he was first appointed as the god of death, he was not an "evil" god as it was his duty to help the deceased to the afterlife. When he first became a god, he resembled a bipedal wolf with black and red runes on his arms and his symbol on his forehead. However, during the God Wars, after doing some despicable act, his appearance began to take on a more sinister appearance. He grew pure black with glowing red eyes and gained a long red mane, sharper teeth, and a longer muzzle. After stewing alone for ten millenia who knows how his appearance has changed since then.

Ihlosi: Goddess of Souls

One of the three chief gods. She appears as an Elwar'thauren female with wings, golden eyes, and golden runes on her primary feathers. She is Gale's lover, and one of the reasons why Jaax decided to turn against his brother. He was jealous of Ihlosi's affections for Gale.

Feuer'thaa'maa: God of Fire

He resembles a Spirit Dragon with a line of fire where his mane should be. He has glowing eyes that resembles orbs of molten lava and runes along his back.

Arronix: God of Wind

He resembles a Terra Dragon with white skin, huge feathered wings and blue runes on his wingtips and arms.

Ashbury: God of Earth

He resembles a Terra Dragon who is covered with platelike scales and has onyx spikes where his wings should be. His eyes are like balls of onyx and he has green runes along his back and arms.

Ajaro: Goddess of Water

She resembles a Spirit Dragon with starry eyes, smooth blue skin, lionfish like spines and runes along her arms and spines.

Iris: Goddess of Nature

She looks like a bipedal ki'rin with leaves for hair and runes along her body. Beatrix is her twin sister.

Beatrix: Goddess of Energy

She resembles a blue bipedal ki'rin with gold runes alon her arms and legs. Her horn charges lighting. Iris is her twin sister.