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The Whartai System.

The Whartai System is the star system that houses the twin planets, Andevi and Cilior. It contains six planets.

Random Facts About this System

  • Andevi and Cilior rotate around each other on a single point of gravity.
    * Cilior is very scarcely populated compared to Andevi but is rich in minerals. Lots of mining goes on here. However, there is a lack of policing on this planet, so it is a haved for certain criminal organizations (Micans or otherwise), such as the Forgotten Sword Legion.
    * See... some of my systems do have asteroid belts.
    * The gravity from the twins often sends asteroids flying. Most of the other planets in this system have 'battle scars' from this happening. For some miraculous reason, no asteroids seem to hit the twins.
    * Rakler's moons are egg shaped due to their strange orbit.
    * That nebula does exist, but it is thin and wispy.