Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 6'
Life Expectancy: 130 Years
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: n/a... they are a spiritual evolution of the Elwar'tharen

**NOTE!**  I am debating/questioning whether or not the entirity of Thera fits in my fictional galaxy.  I have no guarantee that Thera will remain with the Azure Wheel 'canon' or if does, whether or not it will stay the same as it is now.

"Theran" is a broad term for the "animal people" that had evolved from the Elwar'thauren through spiritual means. The elwar'thauren were a race of black eyed humanoids who were very in-tune with the earth. They were faithful followers of the lifestream. Each individual had a deep spiritual connection to a different animal species (spirit animal). 10,000 years ago, Elwar'tharen were beginning to be born with the features of their spiritual animals. Their offspring resembled anthropomorpic versions of their spirit animal. Over the next few generations, more and more of these blessed creatures were born and soon outnumbered the elwar'thauren themselves.

In modern day Thera, the elwar'thauren are now extinct and Therans are the dominant species.

Modern day Therans are separated into different "breeds" according to species. Different breeds can certainly reproduce together, but the offspring will always resemble the species of one parent with a possible feature or two of the other parent's species.

Physical Characteristics of All Theran Breeds

  • ALL have mammal characteristics due to their elwar'thauren ancestry. So even female reptile and avian breed Therans have boobs!
  • All therans have three toed feet with exception of a few breeds.
  • Females are generally smaller then males no matter the breed.
  • The look like anthropomorphic animals... human-like bodies with the head, tail, fur (or feathers or scales) and claws of their respictive animal breeds
  • Most of the time, they have plantigrade feet. 25% of Therans have digitigrade feet.
  • Five-fingered hands.
  • Most have humanlike hair.
  • Human-like genetalia.
  • The nipples of females of furred breeds are covered by their fur.

Most Mammal based Theran

  • These are the most common Theran breeds by far and include felines, canines, ursines, rodents, mustellids, and marsupials.
  • Ursine breed Therans are ALWAYS plantigrade.
  • I know that kangaroos and rabbits aren't actually digitigrade walking animals, but as far as Therans go, these two species are always digitigrade.

Hooved Mammal Breeds

  • Always have digitigrade legs.
  • Have hooves on their feet. Can be split or not depending on the specific breed (unicorns, ki'rin and artiodactyla have cloven hoves)
  • Unicorn and ki'rin breeds have a single horn on their foreheads. The horn of a unicorn breed can either be long and straight or short and curved back. Ki'rin breeds have a branchlike horn.
  • Human-like hands without nails or hooves.
  • The hooved mammal breeds include equines, bovines, unicorn, ki'rin, cervines, other artiodactyla (sheep, antelope, etc) and perissodactyla.
  • Are somewhat uncommon breeds. Especially Unicorns and ki'rin.

Avian Breeds

  • Are covered in feathers rather then fur.
  • Have birdlike tails
  • Have feet scaled from the knees down with birdlike feet.
  • They are the exception to the three-toes rule. They have the same amount of toes that their respective bird species has.
  • Have both a set of arms and a set of wings on their back (like stereotypical angels).
  • Covers all species of avians from birds of prey to parrots to corvids to songbirds.
  • Can either have hair or not.
  • Are a somewhat rare breed of Theran.

Reptillian Breeds

  • Are covered in scales rather then fur.
  • Have three toed feet.
  • Includes lizards and most dinosaurs.
  • Turtle and snake breeds do not exist.
  • Are a somewhat rare breed of Theran.
  • DO NOT have hair. Though certain dino breeds can have feathers.

Amphibian Breeds

  • Extremely rare, but they do exist.

Bat Breeds

  • Have three toed feet
  • Have wings on their backs and a set of arms (like angels).
  • Are a rare breed of Theran.

The anatomy of bipedal Theran Gryphons and Dragons will be covered in their respective sections. For example, if you want to find about bipedal spirit dragons, go to the spirit dragon page.

Nonexistant Theran Breeds

  • None of these species can become Therans. Ever!
  • Invertabraes
  • Aquatic Mammals (dolphins and whales), fish, or sharks
  • Snakes and Turtles
  • Insects and Spiders

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