Takura, a dragon breed Theran.

**NOTE!**  I am debating/questioning whether or not the entirity of Thera fits in my fictional galaxy.  I have no guarantee that Thera will remain with the Azure Wheel 'canon' or if does, whether or not it will stay the same as it is now.

General Overview of Theran Culture

Like their Elwar'thauren ancestors, Therans have deep roots in nature. While they do build cities on their planets surface, they prefer living in more natural areas, such as forests. Like the Ibirians, Therans are very religious. However, along with the Lifestream, they worship the nine gods of Thera.

While they have been at war with the Verin for thousands of years, Therans are still a relatively peaceful race... at least when it comes to other Therans (or the other Theran races). They are highly distrustful of offworlders because they see these unfamiliar creatues as a potential threat to their planet and will become violent towards any alien sentient that lands on Thera.

Since Thera is located in a portion of the Azure Wheel Universe that is mostly uncharted, they are hardly ever bothered by offworlders and prefer to live in their own little bubble until after the Verin wars.

After the Verin wars, Therans take to the stars and join the Galactic alliance. They struggle fiercely to keep their own culture, but at this time many Theran youths are influenced by other alien cultures.

Theran Government

Each of Thera's continents is headed by a monarch and a council of elders who work together to make descisions for that continent. When a monarch or member of the council dies, then the rest of the council will appoint someone to take their place. The Theran people have a say in what happens in the government, and the government will often take audiences with people to listen to what they need.

All of the Theran leaders will meet once a year to discuss the fate of the planet.


Thera does not have a "set" religion, but there are temples to individual gods set up all over the planet. These temples are kept by the priests and priestesses that live within and are houses of worship for all Therans.

Theran Clothing

Most Therans will wear tribal clothing of bright colors (sometimes in colors that reflect an individual's deity). Traditional Theran clothing contains lots of beads, jewelry and soft cloth.

However, Therans may wear "modern" clothing... but this is more seen after the Verin Wars when Thera takes to the stars.

Theran Technology

For a species that has lived away from the other races, Therans are surprisingly technologically advanced. They have medical technology that rivals (and maybe even surpasses) that of the Ultimarians. They are able to tend and heal almost any wound or sickness.

They have computer technology, but it's much less advanced with the rest of the universe, because they simply don't care about it.

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