Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 5'10"
Life Expectancy: 180 Years
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: N/A... they were created by the Theran God, Gale'ahn-Amon

Theran Gryphons were created by the god, Gale'ahn-Amon shortly after the God Wars. He created them to help keep order amongst the Therans as well as to help lead them into battle against the Verin.

Physical Description

Theran gryphons, like traditional gryphons, are the comination between avian and feline.

They have the body of a feline and the head and wings of an avian. See details on the specific bird/avian species below. No matter the combining species, Theran gryphons are always roughly the size of a horse. The arms and shoulders of quadrapedal Theran Gryphons are human-like with five-fingered hands. The arms and hands can either have bird-like scaling and claws or be completely furred (uncommon).

Theran gryphons have ears. Ear style can vary; they can have small round ears, lion-like ears, long donkey ears, or pointed cat ears. Very rarely does a Theran gryphon not have ears.

Theran gryphons have standard feline tails. Their tails and hindquarters MAY NOT have any decorative feathers. Decorative feathers, especially a fan of feathers at the end of the tail, are reserved for supernatural gryphons, such as the Gryphon Lords.

The genitals of both genders are internal.

Male gryphons from the northernmost mountains of Thera may have lion-like manes.

Possible Avian Species for Theran Gryphons

  • Hawk (VERY common)
  • Eagle (Somewhat common)
  • Falcon/Kite (Common)
  • Owls (Uncommon)
  • Crow/Raven (Uncommon)
  • Songbird (Rare)
  • Parrot (Rare)
  • Phoenix (VERY rare)

Possible Feline Species for Theran Gryphons

  • Lion (VERY common)
  • Panther/Cougar (Common)
  • Tiger/Cheetah/Jaguar/Leopard (Uncommon)
  • House cat (Uncommon)
  • Caracal/Margay/Serval (Rare)
  • Lynx/Bobcat (Rare)

Theran Gryphons with non-feline hindquarters may exist, but are unbelievably rare. Only a small handful of these types of gryphons may exist.

These can include:

  • Horse/Donkey/Zebra (Hippogriffs)
  • Wolf (Lupogriffs)
  • Fox (Vulpigriffs)

Intelligence and Mental Health

Theran gryphons are highly intelligent species. With the exception of Spirit Dragons, they are the most intelligent of the Theran races.

Since they are infused with the knowledge and wisdom of the god, Gale'ahn-Amon, they tend to reflect his personality. Theran gryphons are usually very kind creatures that take great joy in helping others. However, Gale did give them free will and each individual gryphon has a unique personality, so they can also be arrogant, vain creatures.

Due to their closeness with the belevolent God; cruel, evil or overly violent Theran gryphons are virtually nonexistant unless the individual gryphon has a known mental disorder.

Sex and Reproduction

Theran gryphons choose lifemates and by nature will be fiercely loyal to their mate throughout their lives and usually won't choose another if their mate dies.

They are not overly sexual beings. While they can and do have sex for pleasure, they mostly see sex as a means for reproduction. Like humans, they can have children at any time during the year. However, female babies are more often born in the winter months while males are usually born in the spring months. This is because female babies are larger and more "durable" then males and are better suited for surviving the winter months.

Theran gryphons give birth to live young rather then laying eggs. Baby gryphons are born blind and are covered with white "baby fluff" on their avian half and fuzzy fur on their feline half. Babies (called hatchlings when first born and fledgelings, cubs, or kits when they of toddler/child age) mature at the same rate as human babies but cannot fly until their fifth year.


Theran gryphons are omniverous and require a diverse diet to survive.

At least 60% of a gryphon's diet should include meat. It is physically impossible for them to become vegitarians and they would grow sick and die very quickly if they tried to do so. They will refuse to eat the meat of a feline or a flying avian (chickens are fair game for eating since they don't fly) because they see doing so as a form of cannibalism.

They are very fond of dairy products and will take milk, cheese, cream, and yogurt whenever they can get it. They are not lactose intolerant and will digest these things just fine.

They enjoy fruits, especially ones that are sweet and juicy. They will eat veggies but usually aren't particularly fond of them.

Bipedal Theran Gryphons

Qualities of Bipedal Theran Gryphons include:

  • Wings on their back, like those of a stereotypical angel.
  • Five-fingered human-like hands that can have either birdlike talons or furred.
  • Human-like genitals.
  • Long tails to act as a rudder for flight.
  • Can have the same avian/feline species as quadrapedal gryphons.
  • Can have the same ear styles as quads.
  • Generally have the same personality as quads.
  • Three footed toes. Always. The one exception for this are hippogriffs.
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