**NOTE!**  I am debating/questioning whether or not the entirity of Thera fits in my fictional galaxy.  I have no guarantee that Thera will remain with the Azure Wheel 'canon' or if does, whether or not it will stay the same as it is now.

Theran History begins about 10,000 years go. Thera was a more primal place back then. Theran Magik had no order. The three dominant species were the elwar'thauren, the terra dragons, and the spirit dragons. The elwar'thauren were a peaceful race with close ties to the lifestream. Each individual had a deep spiritual connection to a different animal species (spirit animal). 10,000 years ago, Elwar'tharen were beginning to be born with the features of their spiritual animals. Their offspring resembled anthropomorpic versions of their spirit animal. Over the next few generations, more and more of these blessed creatures were born and soon outnumbered the elwar'thauren themselves.

The Rise and Fall of Mathazar

Mathazar was a powerful terra dragon mage from the Oswean continent. He was close friends with a small group of elwar'thauren and had a lifemate named Atherdoru. Atherdoru and Mathazar had a daughter named Kinleri. They loved her very much and would give the world to her if they could. Kinleri was best friends with the two Theran brothers, Gale-Ahn'Amon and Jaax'thauren when they were young and mortal. They were the sons of Rhell, an elwar'thauren shaman.

Kinleri was out playing with the two when she was killed in an accident.

Stricken by grief, Mathazar began to blame the elwar'thauren for not saving his daughter. He began to lose his mind, believing that the elwar'thauren were an inferior race and the Therans and Dragons were to dominate the planet. Atherdoru tried to stop him, which lead to a fight between the two. Atherdoru lost the battle, her face forever scarred. She went into exile.

Meanwhile, Mathazar gathered an army of Therans and dragons to wipe out the elwar'thauren from the world, starting with his former friend, Rhell. Mathazar used his powerful magiks to gain power. He became the king of all Thera, sending his armies to slaughter elwar'thauren wherever they were found. His rule lasted for nearly a century. The elwar'thauren had nearly become extinct during this time.

A small group of elwar'thauren survivors eventually located Atherdoru in her exile and convinced her to confront Mathazar again. The second battle between Atherdoru and Mathazar ended up costing both of them their lives, but at least Thera was freed from his tyrrany.

The Birth of the Nine Gods

The Lifestream had seen the chaos caused by Mathazar and realized that there had to be order to Theran Magik so something like that could never happen again. She decided to do something that she had never done before or since then... directly interact with her creations.

She chose nine Therans strong with the lifestream to serve as demi gods or guardians for the planet. She gave each one charge of the nine elements of Elwar'thauran lore: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Nature, Energy, Souls, Life, and Death.

She made Jaax and Gale, the two sons of Rhell, the two cheif gods. Gale, the younger brother was given the position of the god of life. Jaax, the older brother, was the god of death, whos job it was to help the souls of the deceased to find their way to the afterlife.

Jaax's Betrayal and the God Wars

For centuries, Thera was at peace under the watch of the nine gods. Then Jaax began to grow jealous of his brother, Gale. He looked at his brother and saw how loved and admired he was by his people, while Jaax was often looked down apon - even detested him for being the god of death. Gale had also won the affections of Ihlosi, the goddess of souls. Jaax had been trying to win her love for years.

He began to plan how he could banish Gale to the depths of space as well as win the love of Ihlosi.

He ordered his followers to launch a full assault on the followers of Gale, knowing that without followers, his brother would grow weak enough to be banished. He didn't expect the followers of the other gods came to Gale's aid and helped fight off his armies.

The God war lasted for five years, but in the end it was Jaax who ended up being banished to deep space.

His banishment was a harch one. His essence is forever bound to the material world and cannot return to the spiritual plane where the gods and lifestream dwell. He is also not allowed to enter any civilized star system. Over the years, he has most likely become enraged and unpredictable during his millenium of loneliness.

The Taint of Evil Remained...

After the banishment of Jaax, the offspring of his followers began growing twisted features, resembling the fallen god right before his banishment. Some say that this was a punishment - that the offspring of Jaax's followers would be forever cursed due to their heinous actions during the God Wars. Others think that they were transformed by the little bit of Jaax's essence that still remained on Thera.

Whatever the case, these creatures were pure evil. It seemed to be the sole job of these creatures to ferret out and destroy all that is good in the world, especially the followers of Jaax. They were called "verin", which means "the fallen" in Archaeic Theran. They claimed that one day, the banished god would return, destroying all of Thera and no Theran would be able to destroy him.

Gale was weakened after the war, but he gathered up his remaining strength to create the Theran Gryphon, a species in his own image that would help be a guiding light for his followers.

Over the next few millenium, the Therans and the Verin were constantly at war. The Therans did do a good job at keeping Verin soldiers at bay, but every once in a while the Verin would step onto Theran territory and war would ensue.

The War Comes to a Head

I'm going to leave this part out for now since it's a story on it's own and if I ever tell it, posting it here would be a spoiler. I will say that these events happen about the same time as the Intrepid storyline...

Taking to the Stars...

50 years after the Intrepid storyline, Therans finally take to the stars and claim their rightful spot among the Galactic Alliance. Space is a new and scary frontier for their species. Some welcome these changes with open arms while others shun these new sentients to the point of violence.

What will become of the Therans remains to be seen....

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