A female Theran mage practicing the fire school of magik.

**NOTE!**  I am debating/questioning whether or not the entirity of Thera fits in my fictional galaxy.  I have no guarantee that Thera will remain with the Azure Wheel 'canon' or if does, whether or not it will stay the same as it is now.

Theran Magik

Therans are by far the species with the closest ties to the Lifestream in the entire Azure Wheel Galaxy, even surpassing the Ultimarians. Their magiks are like none found anywhere in the rest of the galaxy. Theran Magik is produced when a Theran draws energy from the lifestream, channels it through one of the nine gods and manifests it into a physical form. There are nine primary schools of magik. One for each of the nine gods. However, in rare cases a Theran can combine two elements to create a completely different secondary element.

Each element no also has a respective color set. Primary elements have two colors associated with it, while secondary elements only have one.

The Primary Schools of Magik


The Theran Magik wheel. This shows all the primary elements and their respective colors.

Life (white/silver) - Headed by Gale'Ahn-Amon, one of the three chief gods of Thera. Followers of the Life school of magik are priests and healers who use their magik to heal wounds and sickness, cure poison, purify water, and perform any other activity associated with giving life. They CANNOT bring someone back from the dead.

Death (Black/Dark Red) - Headed by Jaax'thauren. Only practiced by the high priest or priestess of a verin clan. Followers of this school use their powers to drain life or tear someone's soul from their body.

Souls (navy/gold) - Headed by Ihlosi. The followers or the soul school of magik have a high empathy for all living creatures. They can use their magik to read minds or dominate the will of others.

Earth (brown/black) - Headed by Ashbury. Followers of the earth school of magik can control and manipulate earth and rock, but they cannot create it.

Fire (red/orange) - Headed by Feuer'saa'kaa. Followers of the fire school of magik can control and manipulate flames. Skilled fire mages can even create fire with their bare hands.

Wind (light blue/purple) - Headed by Ashbury. Followers of the wind school of magik can control and manipulate the air.

Water (Navy/aqua) - Headed by Ajaro. Followers of the water school of magik can control and manipulate water. Skilled water mages can even pull water vapor from the air if there is no water around.

Energy (yellow/teal) - Headed by Beatrix. Followers of the energy school of magik can control the energy in their own body to create lightning.

Nature (Green/Brown) - Headed by Iris. Followers of the nature school of magik can speak with animals or control plant life.

The Secondary Schools of Magik

These are created with the joining of two primary elements. Not many spellcasters choose to follow a secondary element since they are much weaker then the primaries.

These are not all the secondary elements since there's almost infinite possibilities for them. I'm just going to add more as I make them up or need them.

Ice (pale blue) - The combination of water and wind. Ice spellcasters can create blizzards or turn water to ice.

Metal (rust) - The combination of earth and metal. Metal spellcasters can enchant metal orjects or briefly turn their fists to metal to hit something.

Poison (bright green) - The combination of water and energy. Poison spellcasters can add poison to an object with their touch and are immune to poison.

Different Types of Theran Spellcasters


Theran Mages are strictly spellcasters in battle and cannot fight with a sword to save their own life. However, they by far have the strongest magik of all Theran spellcasters. Theran mages are easily recognized by their loose, flowing robes and the staff they carry. This type of mage CANNOT follow the Life or Death schools of magik.

There are three types of Theran mage.

  • Achech'i - The most common type of mage. They follow one (and only one) school of magik.
  • R'undhat - These mages follow two schools of magik and are very rare since it is remarkably difficult to have the ability to control more then one school of magik.
  • Cha'raka - Mages that can control three or more schools of magik. These mages are exceedingly rare and are seen as being almost "godlike" in terms of their power. Only ten or less of these mages can be living at one time. They are that rare.


The fusion between mage and warrior. Their abilities are perfectly balanced between these two abilities, so they cannot be total masters of either. Easily recognized by the runelike markings on their arms, these spellcasters are paladins for their god or goddess and may ONLY follow the school of magik represented by their god. Battlemages CANNOT follow the life or death schools or magik.


These spellcasters serve as Thera's doctors. These spellcasters are the only Theran mages that can follow the life school of magik and use their magik to heal the sick and wounded.

Verin Priest

Can only be followed by Verin. Even then, only one verin in an entire clan is allowed to be a priest or priestess. His or her job is to keep order in the clan through their magik, lead all religious ceremonies, and be an advisor to the clan leader.

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