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Homeworld:  Auryss
Height:  6'
Average Lifespan:  40 Years
Earth Species Evolved From:  Equine

Titutu Species Sheet. Species design originally done by Schwarzanebal during the June 2013 round of the Fantasy Xchange.

Physical Appearance

The anatomy of this species is vaguely horse-like, but with more slender heads that are
crowned with a long, single horn, deer-like nose pads, shorter legs and a long tail with a tuft
of coarse blue hairon the tip.  Their single, backwards curving  horns have them the nickname
‘Auryss Kirins’, although they have no relations to the true kirin species found on Assari.

These animals share many similarities to the much larger Acerir of planet Ultimare, which
leads many to question if these two species are somehow related, although this has never
been proven.

Strengths and Instincts

The noise that this species  makes is a hugh-pitched barking noise similar to
that of a zebra.  They do not whinny like horses.

Tisutu are relatively inteligent animals and can become destrictive and eat or dismantle
their suroundings if not enough mental stimulation, social interactions or exercise is provided to them,
which can lead to big, expensive repair and/or veteranary bills.


This species originates from the golden grasslands
that border the central rainforests of Auryss.  They have an herbivore
diet, preferring to eat a variety of grasses, tubers and sweet tree
fruits (such as apples). However, they can also eat leaves, leaf vegetables and
tree bark if no other food is available.

Tisutu and Aurynn

The Aurynn, intelligent reptavian-like sentients that the Tisutu share their homeworld
with have used this species as mounts and beasts of burden since before their recorded
history. There were points in early Aurynn history when owning Tisutu  was essential for a
family’s way of life.  During these times, Tisutu theives were seen as the lowest of criminals.
They were the scum of the earth that lacked any sense of moral decency because they
were taking away the means for their victims to survive.

Needless to say that the punishment for Tisutu thieves at these points in history
was execution.

Even to this day, the Tisutu are sen as beloved animals in the
eyes of the Aurynn and are rarely ever used for food.

The popularity of this species has spread, so they can be seen
on farms and ranches or in zoos and circuses
throughout the galaxy.