Homeworld:  Sanguine
Average Height:  4'5"
Life Expectancy:  70 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Pangolin


Turatoren Species Sheet.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The turatoren are short-yet stocky anthropomophic pangolin.  Their backs are covered with hard scales with a scale crest on the back of the head and on the end of the tail.

The skin color of a Turatoren can vary greatly, but is is always an
earthy color.  This color can range from a dark charcoal grey, a rich
muddy color, golden brown, rust or anything in between. The skin is
always a solid color without markings, but the tips of their scales have
gold, orange or red-orange highlights.

Their eyes can be red, orange, yellow or brown.  Blue and green
eyes do exist among this species, but are usually limited to Turatoren
with ancestry from mountain ranges.  Their claws are white.

Species HistoryEdit

2,500 years ago, the Turatoren were slowly exploring their own solar system when they were discovered by Alliance scouts.  At first, the Turatoren were so terrified that these “invaders” were hostile that it nearly sent their planet into turmoil.  The Alliance asked the J’warril, like-minded feline sentients from a neighboring solar system to send envoys to Sanguine in an attempt to show the Turatoren that they are not a threat. It didn’t take long for the Turatoren’s natural curiosity to kick in and they welcomed the Alliance with open arms.

Almost immediately, the Turatoren began to alter their cities to accomodate these new visitors.

To this day, the Turatoren shares a long-standing partnership with the J’warril.  The two species trade openly between themselves and often make major political descisions in tandem.


Turatoren are a technologically advanced species that specializes in
starship engineering, electronics, manufacturing and many other forms of technology. They are known for producing some of the best computer
systems among the Alliance species.

Intelligent, calculating, highly social and persistent -  the Turatoren
naturally enjoy spirited debates and fidgeting with gadgets.  Towards their allies, they tend to be gentle and generous with a (slightly impish) sense of humor.  They have a strong sense of self-preservation and when cornered will instinctively try to bargain for their life before resorting to combat,
although they can be downright vicious if threatened, although they wil not use their massive claws in a fight unless it is an absolute last resort.

The Turatoren seem to have a natural affinity for navigation, most likely caused from their burrowing ancestors. There are many tales about
Turatoren navigators seemingly able to map out impossible astrological
coordinate jumps in their heads.

Sex and ReproductionEdit

Turatoren give birth to live young.  A female's gestation period is seven and a half month.

Their young are born with soft scales that will harden over theri first few weeks.


Their cuisine is mostly vegetable and insect based with fruits for
dietary supplements. They also enjoy dairy products quite a bit.

Makuni food has become very popular in Turatoren cities.

Names and LanguageEdit

Torenese, the Turatoren language somewhat
resembles Galactic Common, but has a much larger
alphabet with accented characters.  Their spoken
language incorperates long vowel sounds and
subtle trills.

Most Turatoren that live in cities or leave their
homeworld also speak Galactic Common as well.

Turatoren names are carefully selected and
meaningful, often with the long vowel sounds of
their language.

Example Names:
Keehan, Dusora, Norrin, Leenah

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