Spaceborn ID Name: Ath'an Kineth'u
Species Stats
Homeworld: Ultimare
Average Height: 6'
Life Expectancy: 120 Years
Species Status: Forever Closed
Earth Species Evolved From: Humans

Ultimarians are the direct descendants of modern day humans. When humans attempted to terraform planets in the Azure Wheel galaxy, their terraforming failed due to a miscalculation with the chemical compounds of the water, humans died out. The small handful of remaining humans on Ultimare purged all forms of technology from their society to avoid making the same mistakes from the past and reverted back to a primitive, almost caveman-like state. Over the eons, what we know as modern day humans were forgotten and Ultimarians began to rebuild their technology. They began populating the entire surface of the planet, pushing wildlife to the chasms and wastelands. Modern Ultimarians are more conscious about the planet and the environment.

Physical Description:

On the surface, an Ultimarian appears to be a standard human. However, they are actually the next stage of human evolution. They are taller and have denser muscle fibers then a human would. Also, the key to what an Ultimarian truly is lies in it's eyes. One would have to have the spiritual sense of a sweet potato to look into the eyes of an Ultimarian and claim that they are simply nothing more then human.

Since their muscle fibers are denser then a human’s, they are physically stronger. An Ultimarian can lift 25% to 50% more then a human of the same build. This also makes the muscles feel harder and makes the Ultimarian heavier then a human of the same height and shape. Their denser muscles makes them more prone to muscle tension and straining. Neuromuscular diseases, such as rhabdomylosis, are also more common. They have faster heart reates then a human would in order to compensate for denser muscles and high metabolism.

Ultimarians can have any skin color that humans have. This can range from a very pale white with a pinkish tint to a dark brown that looks almost black. After becoming capable of interplanetary travel and interacting with other alien species, Ultimarians have put classifying their own race by skin color behind them. They can also have any hair color that a human can. This can range from a pale ice blonde to red to jet black. Like humans, Ultimarians have can hair on their forearms, legs, pubis and armpits. Males have facial hair and can have hair on their chest and stomach. Body hair on an Ultimarian is much finer then it is on humans.

They can have any body type that a human has. However, they have higher metabolisms then humans so they tend to look more lean and athletic. Overweight Ultimarians are uncommon.

They come from a planet with a somewhat warm climate so they are wimps when it comes to cold.

Ultimarian Eyes:

The eyes of an Ultimarian are an oddity. They come in a wider variety then human eyes. The most common eye colors by far are brown, blue, grey, and green. Purple or teal eyes are uncommon. Red, orange or yellow eyes are rare. Black eyes are extremely rare. Eye color is not restricted by skin color. While dark skinned Ultimarians usually do have brown eyes, it is not uncommon for them to have other eye colors. An Ultimarian’s eyes are very bright and clear. There is no physical or evolutionary reason that an Ultimarian’s eyes are like they are. This completely baffles scientists, but the more religious people believe that they are caused by the Ultimarian species’ connection to the Lifestream.
If an Ultimarian has cloudy or milky eyes, it is usually a sign of illness

Intelligence and Mental Health:

Of course, as a space-faring species that is more evolved then humans, they are more intelligent. The average Ultimarian can be compared to a human with a 150 IQ. Ultimarians are born with several natural instincts and their instincts are less obvious then they are in animals. They have the “flight or fight” response when confronted with danger and have facial perception.

They tend to fear the unknown and things that are new/different less then humans do as they are accustomed to space travel and interacting with other species on a daily basis. They are also an inquisitive race that longs to learn everything they can about the world around them.

They are prone to getting the same mental illnesses that humans can get. They can suffer from depression, a wide range of mental disorders (OCD, etc), anxiety, fear, or stress.

Sex and Reproduction:

For the most part, females are normally seen as being equal with men. They can participate in almost any activity or profession that a male can. Ultimarian females have breasts and wide hips, just like human females. Also like human females, their body contains higher amounts of fat tissue then a male’s because their bodies are built to withstand pregnancy.

Gender is unimportant in Ultimarian society. Most see males and females being completely equal. However, males are still more commonly placed in the “fighter” role. Males have facial hair, narrower hips, more pronounced muscles, deeper voices, and of course, human-like genitalia.

Breeding Habits are near Identical to humans.

For the most part, Ultimarians cannot have intercourse with other species. While Ultimarians can be in a relationship with another species, sexual intercourse with other species is usually impossible as their “parts” don’t fit together properly. There are exceptions to this rule… Ultimarians can have intercourse with Therans, Aurynns, Elwar’thauren (That is if they weren’t extinct), Taunkal or Ril’tan. The only Ultimarian/interspecies breeding that has been successful has been with Therans.


Ultimarians are omnivorous. They can choose to eat either plant or animal matter. The diet of an Ultimarian depends completely on the individual. Some Ultimarians will stuff themselves with junk food while others prefer a healthier lifestyle.

Since they are a strong species with a high metabolism, their bodies require much more protein then a human would. They need to consume larger amounts of food then a human would as well. It is very difficult (though not impossible) for an Ultimarian to become a vegetarian. Ultimarian vegetarians usually incorporate atchch, a high protein plant matter paste into their diet.

For the most part, dietary supplements cannot be used in place of food. Food supplements were often used on Ultimarian prisoners during the war and they quickly grew sick and malnourished. The Othoth adapted this to a form of torture, keeping an Ultimarian alive, but just barely, by under nourishing them with supplements.

In medical situations, an Ultimarian can be kept alive for extensive periods with a special nutrient rich serum. However, this is not recommended or ideal as their bodies do not process these nutrients efficiently. It is only used in emergency situations when an Ultimarian cannot eat properly.
Vitamin supplements can help aid their bodies in getting all the nutrients they need, but should not be used as a sole source of nutrition.

Traditional Foods for Ultimarians include:

  • Ghash - a traditional sushi-like dish made from the flesh of a nal-radril (A floating descendent of seahorses from the rainforest planet, Kalgea).
    * The Demonic Regal - A highly alcoholic mixed drink made from citrus. Drinking this is like getting hit in the face with a lemon flavored brick.
    * Sad Altar - A very sweet wine made from Iani, a pomegranate like fruit. This is seen as being one of the finest wines in the galaxy.
    * Royal Manju - A sweet pastry with a flakey crust traditionally filled with a paste made with Polon fruit (which taste sort of like raspberries) and nuts. Dusted with confectioner’s sugar.
    * Aughflor - A dish normally reserved for royalty and high ranking officials for special occasions. It is a broiled cobyth flank with a savory fruit glaze. Traditionally served with mixed vegetables.


It is a tradition that Ultimare is run by a member of the Royal Family. The Emperor and military must be treated with respect, since they are the ones that keep the planet safe and well run. The Royal family are the direct descendants of Taara Zemothe, the first Reth'kaa.

The Emperor is an Emperor in name alone. He acts more like a president. The Ultimarian people vote in public officials, new laws, etc.

Ultimarians and the Lifestream:

Ultimarians are very in tune with the Lifestream. Some say that this is because the barrier that separates the material world from the spiritual world is very thin around Ultimare.

What could be considered “magic” is limited to the Reth’kaa. Reth’kaa are a rare breed of Ultimarian that is born with a strong connection to the Lifestream. They have a uncanny connection to all living things and gain abilities from that connection. Only a few thousand Reth’kaa are currently living. Different operations try desperately to recruit them. Each Reth’kaa is born with a unique ability. They can have one of the following abilities: Connection with animals, telekinesis, telepathy, ability to control the energy in their body, pyromancy, ability to communicate with the dead, combat sense, or spiritual healing.


Ultimarians are highly advanced. They have mastered space travel, starships powered by crystal fusion. Other species see them as being philisophophical thinkers and one of the most intelligent races. Ultimarians make good inventors, computer experts and medical technicians.

Most Ultimarian carry around a pocket sized computer in place of a home computer. These pocket sized computers can do anything that a large home computer can do. Since Ultimare is a big city, most Ultimarians prefer to walk or take public transport, but they can have a personal vehicle that flies. These personal vehicles are not usually space flight capable. They do have “TV” and “Video Games”, but their TVs are more like holographic projectors.

High tech laser guns, explosives, starship cannons are common in the military. However, some sects, such as the Blackmane Order, prefer using traditional melee weapons. Even their melee weapons should have a futuristic look to them.

Robots and droids do exist on Ultimare, but are rare. Ultimarians just don’t have a big interest in them. AI is a neat concept, and it does make things convenient but it is not a necessity.

Names and Language

The native Ultimarian language, also known as ‘Galactic Common’ is an ancient language dating back to before the Ultimarians gained knowledge of space travel. When they were at the stage of evolution that we humans are at now there were multiple languages being spoken among them. This language was one of the most widely used among the species and was adopted as their official trade language. Think of it as being their version of our English language.

As they evolved, this language drowned out all the others used on the planet. All other Ultimarian languages are nor regarded as being ‘dead languages’.

Upon the founding of the Galactic Alliance, this Ultimarian language was chosen to become the official trade language of the alliance as Ultimarians were the most numerous out of the five elder races and their language was the easiest for non native speakers to learn and pronounce.

Because of the long standing status of this language as the Alliance’s trade language, most non-Ultimarians are fluent in it as well as their own native language though most of them speak their native language whenever possible. Most Ultimarians don’t bother learning other languages simply because they don’t feel the need to.

While they may not be completely fluent in other language, most Ultimarians do pick up smatterings of other languages just by interacting with other races. Usually picking up curse words the quickest. The words in other languages that an Ultimarian knows will often make it into their regular vocabulary. They are most commonly used as an expression of disbelief or anger

Ultimarian names tend to be a hodgepodge of different names and words from ‘dead’ Ultimarian languages. Ultimarian names tend to be slightly soft sounding and vowel-heavy. Names beginning with vowels are very common as well as names ending with “I” (Itumi, Nazari, Juneri, etc). These names are usually words taken from “Tridian”, which was a widely used Ultimarian language before the ages of technological advances.

Many Ultimarian names are taken from other alien languages. This method of naming is becomming increasingly popular among Ultimarian parents.

Very rarely are Ultimarians named from words in Galactic Common.

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