Sector:  Outer Reaches
Star System:  Harr
Atmosphere:  Oxygen Mix
Native Sentients:  n/a



One of the last stars beyond the Azure Wheel galaxy's outer reaches, nestled into a nearly empty section of space called "The Nothingness" is a single lonely star. Only one planet orbits it. A barely habitable rock called Venerokerin.
Acid rain is a constant hazard on this planet. The rain is so acidic that it is a danger to any life form that steps onto the planet's surface but it does carve strange designs into the rock, creating hauntingly beautiful rock formations. Despite the danger on the planet's surface, there are incredibly rich mineral deposits under the planet's crust.

2000 years ago, some of the galaxy's most notorious criminal organizations banded together to create an illegal mining operation on this planet, so a single mining outpost called Nero's Anvil exists here.

The miners solely consist of sentients that the criminals have sent here. Mostly slaves that have outlived their usefulness, people that owe the criminals money, enemies of the criminals, and people that the criminals were paid by others to put there. Being sentenced to the Venerokerin mines is a death sentence.

The work hours are long, the heat is stifling, and the air is often filled with poisonous fumes.

Even to this day, any criminal organization that invests in Nero's Anvil can profit from the mining operation and send unwanted people there.

The Void are heavily invested in the Venerokerin Mining.