Homeworld: Thera
Average Height: 7'4"
Life Expectancy: 45 Years
Species Status:


Earth Species Evolved From: N/A - While they appear to be canine, they are beings created from the corruption of the Lifestream by the Dark God.

Twisted, semi-sentient beings created by the Dark God after Thera's God Wars.

Most Verin are simply mindless thralls and drones whos only purpose is to carry out the orders of their God during his time of banishment.

Physical Appearance

Verin have forcefully taken the form of the god, Jaax. They are mostly canine in appearance but with features that are exaggerated to make them look more fierce and menacing.

They have pointed muzzles with razor sharp teeth and claws. Their forms are big, muscular, and hulking. Their form was made so to strike fear in the hearts of those who do not worship the Dark God.

Verin eyes look like glowing orbs and can be red, yellow, or green in color.

Most Verin wear simple clothing like a loincloth... for the modesty of my comic and stories only. In reality, I don't think a mindless species like this would bother with clothes at all.

Verin leaders have been blessed with a higher level of intelligence then the others and can wear more complex clothing.

Intelligence and Mental Health

Most Verin are mindless creatures that live only to sserve the god, Jaax. This is to ensure completely loyalty and carry out the God's orders without question. In rare cases, a grunt may have slightly higher intelligence with the rest... these individuals are usually picked up by the clan leaders to serve in their 'harems' for better breeding purposes.

Verin leaders have been given a higher level of intelligence to lead their troops into battle. They are about human-legel intelligence.

They are social creatures that live in 'clans' that are 250-1000 members strong. Each clan is headed by a chieftan, a priest or priestess, and an inquisitor. Verin mostly take up bases in large cavern systems or in underground burrows.

They can and do eat pretty much anything. Fresh meat is preferred, but they will eat fungus or rotting carrion if no other food is available.

Sex and Reproduction

"Love" is a foreign concept to most Verin. They are like most animals with their breeding and sex is only to spread genetic material and keep up the species.

Verin leaders will often keep harems with up to dozens of individual members. The members of the harems are carefully selected by the leader to keep a strong bloodline going.

Newborn Verin pups are keps in nurseries in the more remote locations in clan hideouts. A few select members of the clans serve as nannies and handmaidens in these nurseries to keep the other clanmembers from eating the children.

The Creation of the Verin

After the God Wars and the banishment of the dark God, Jaax, some of his essence remained on Thera. With his last bit of presence on the world, he was able to corrupt small portions of the Lifestream and turn his followers into mindless beasts that served his every wish and interacted with his homeworld during his banishment until he found a way to return to Thera. Therans say that this transformation was a curse - that the crimes of Jaax's followers were so despicable that they and their offspring would forever be cursed to look like monstrosities that served the God.


While they rely mostly on body language for communications, they do have the ability to speak.

Verin names are mostly given for identification purposes only. This is so one would know if someone else was talking to them... mostly during battle simulations.

Verin are usually named after something about their appearance (IE 'Scar', 'Red', 'Broken Fang'.)

Leaders can have more complex names, usually meaning something in Archaeic Theran, and they will often rename members of their harems to something more their liking.

Creating Verin Characters

  • I'm only allowing people to create verin 'grunts' for the time being. I'm not allowing anyone to create leaders for the time being.
  • The only clan I'm allowing people to create members to is currently 'The Shadow Clan' located in Central Nyturis. It is headed by Suddah (who serves as both leader and inquisitor) and Omni Fe (The Priestess). I'll most likely add more clans at a later date.
  • I don't care if you create a member of Suddah or Omni's harem... just as long as it's not just for the purposes of having raunchy sex with one of my official characters.
  • Verin characters can only be the mindless drones unless you first talk to me about your character idea.
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