Average Height:  6'5"
Life Expectancy:  75 Years
Species Status:  Open
Earth Species Evolved From:  Sandtiger Shark


Vrias - Species Model Sheet

Physical Appearance

Vrias resemble anthropomorphic sharks with legs rather than a tail fin.

The skin of a Vrias lacks the dermal denticles that their shark ancestors had.
Instead, Vrias skin has a smoother texture that feels like a cross between
whale skin and human skin.  The skin color of a a Vrais can be medium to
light grey, charcoal, tan, red-brown or yellow-brown.  Subtle stripe markings
similar to the skin patterns of a tiger shark, leopard shark or whale shark may
be found on the arms, legs and back. In the past, racism did exist between
Vrias of different skin color and markings.  This is a practice that this
species rapidly grew out of over the past few centuries, although a few
stubborn individuals cling to their racist ways.

The underbelly of a Vrias is always white or cream while their eyes are
red-orange with yellow highlights.

Vrais do not have dorsal fins like their shark ancenstors once did.

Vrias Society

Members of the Galactic Alliance who study and observe the Vrias from afar
once believed that since they had evolved from sharks, they had a naturally
aggresive demeanor.  However, after long observation of the species, they
found that the Vrias do nothing to warrant this reputation.

While aggressive individuals certainly do exist among them, as a whole this
species is more than happy to channel any of their more feral instincts
into rigorous sports, gambling and gaming.

By nature they are astute and cautious, fearing all that is unknown
in the universe.  However, this is a personality trait that is becoming less
and less apparent with each new generation.

Members of the Alliance have no doubt that in a century or two, when
this species discovers hyperspace travel, they wil become a welcome
addition to the Alliance.  

Unevolved Species

The Vrias have not yet discovered Faster Than Light travel, so they are still considered an ‘unevolved species’ to the Alliance.  Therefore, there are strict laws against any sort of invasive interactions with this species or their homeworld. 

This doesn’t stop pirates, slavers and smugglers from trying to abduct Vrias to sell on the black market.  Their intelligence and brute strength make them a prized commodity in the illegal slave trade.  While Aliance soldiers stationed in that section of the galaxy prevent most illegal harvesting of Vrias, a few of them do slip under the Alliance radar.  Those taken from Cositon unfortunately have almost no chance of returning back to their homeworld.

Sex and Reproduction

Vrias choose lifemates, although there is a high divorce rate amongst couples. 

They give birth to live young that mature slightly than human babies.


Vrias are primarily piscetarians, preferring to eat diets consisting of mostly fish and shellfish.  Pinnipeds, turtles, rays and cephalopods are also consumed.  Most will not eat ‘land animals’ because they find the taste unpalatable.  Vrias can not eat most types of plant matter.  Consuming the flesh of sharks is considered taboo in nearly all Vrias cultures as they see sharks as close ancestors.

Names and Language

It is difficult to talk about Vrias language, since they still have many different cultures with various languages.  The most commonly spoken language is Samanii-Bai, which is the unofficial ‘business’ language of the planet. Other widely spoken languages include Samanii-Toti, Risilli, Syardi and Awina.  As this species as a whole does not yet have knowledge of the Galactic Aliance, they do not speak Galactic common.

Samanii-Bai and Samanii-Toti are two dialects of the Samanii language that sound very similar.  The best way to describe this language would be mostly Arabic sounding with bits and pieces of French, Turkish and Portuguese mixed in.

Vrias names are usually archaic words passed down over generations.

Examples of Vrias Names: N’nar, Bdon, Thein, Kadarr, Jabelle

Special Rules for Vrias Characters

  • No unnaturally colored or albino Vrias.
  • Vrias are an enevolved species, meaning that they should have no
    interactions with races from different planets as Alliance laws forbid it!
    The only exception to this would be a Vrias slave sold on the black market.
    Keep in mind that said slave would have little to no chance of being freed.
    Even if they were freed, they would likely be kept in an Alliance facility with
    no chance of returning to Cositon.
  • Vrias DO NOT have dorsal fins!
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